A workshop for couples and partners hoping to enhance and understand their relationship.

When our partners are passionate, this is often a quality we find endearing. However, when passion shows up in reactive behaviours, conflict and disagreements, it can send your relationship spiraling into unhealthy cycles.

This couple’s workshop will show you how to:

better understand each other; enhance or create new communication skills; learn how to diffuse intense situations before there is negative impact; become aware of how you contribute to ineffective behaviours in your relationship; work on resolution and repair.


Do you have a family member who is actively living with an addiction? We understand that addiction doesn’t only impact the individual, it also impacts those closest to them.

This workshop focuses on understanding addiction, how it impacts you and healing from your own experience.

Who can attend this workshop? Parents, partners, siblings, extended family, adult children 18 years of age and older and individuals close to the person living with addiction.


Create your own Rock Mandala while tapping into your creativity and awareness! All levels of artistic ability are welcome. All supplies are provided.

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