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The first time I got really excited about setting and accomplishing goals was right before high school. I remember watching a Brian Tracy video on Youtube and thinking "that is what I am going to do the rest of my life, that is may calling live the life of my dreams and help others livetheirs."

Fast forward until now. I still get stoked about setting goals and accomplishing them. If there is one thing that keeps me up at night, it is what goal I am going to set next and how am I going to accomplish it. Now I know that sounds super cheesy, but I think there are certain people that are just wired differently. I am now making it my life goal to help others accomplish their number one goal.

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I have already noticed something very interesting: most people don't ever accomplish even 1% of their goal.

I too have fallen into this funk every now and then of having a grand vision of where I want to be and what I want to be doing that I don't even get started with the small steps to get there. Or if I do get started with the steps, they are very insignificant steps that don't really require any hard work. As soon as I am required to make that phone call or start working on my next book or online course, if the goal is not relevant enough, I am not motivated enough to invest that time.

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