Don't judge a person until you know them

Some days are filled with compliments and others with judgmental stares and accusations. Go to a public place, take a seat, and count how many times someone judges a person just by looking at them. Did they even say hello to them? Do they know their name? The number you will come up with is ridiculous to say the least. This doesn't differ from place to place either, it is completely inevitable. We we're raised in a generation where how you look, how you act, and how hard you work has taken over the actual depiction of how a person should be.

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It is up to our generation to change the cycle of judgmental mindsets, but the only way to do that is to start with ourselves. We need to start showing more gratitude for the people in this world who are different and are not afraid to be. We need to start recognizing that the color of someone's skin, their sexual orientation, or choice of clothing does not define who they are as a person. It is about time we get rid of the old "social norms" that the older generations have given us. We are a new and revitalized generation who can change a lot about the world with just a little perseverance.

The only way we can change our generation is to first change ourselves. Next time the girl with the long hair, big glasses, and braces doesn't have a partner for a project, stand up and be her partner. Help the little boy who is lost find his parents regardless of the fact that he may be overweight and doesn't seem as young as he is. Don't make the younger generations feel like they can't change the world; show them that they can by doing it first. Don't be the girl who wishes she could make an impact or the boy doesn't feel like he is good enough. Be the woman who does make an impact and the man who doesn't care what others think about him. Show our younger generations that they can be who they are without being afraid. Humans learn by example and what kind of example would we be showing if we sat back and let others opinions and judgment define who we are?

Vow to be yourself entirely and you will have eternal peace regardless of outside forces.

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