Success Is A Journey

Success is a journey which begins with the individual making a positive step in the right direction. One cannot be said to be making progress when he/she is moving backward, instead of forward. The ability to also inculcate certain positive virtues into our daily routine will ultimately accelerate our arrival at the domain of success and greatness.

Smile and laughter

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These two virtues are tonics to help relieve an individual in times of distress. They must form part of our daily routine, as we cannot do without them. The world is too brief and precious for one to become too tight faced. Mistakes, errors and failures may arise, but never be too hard on yourself to the extent you cannot afford a smile or laughter. Apart from the health benefits we derive, it also helps to tune our mind and spirit in the right direction and drain negative emotions from our system.


Success is a journey that begins with a single step. The choices and decision an individual takes can be compared to positive steps towards the manifestation of goals and expectations. It requires absolute focus all the way. Any attempt to be distracted by internal and external factors may impede our progress and journey towards our desired destiny in life. I love watching athletes preparing to participate in the short distance races.

At the beginning of each race or event, you can see absolute focus written all over their eyes as they attempt to achieve their desired objective. Immediately the starter fires the gun and they run off the starting block, they remain focused and stay on their lane till the very end. Even when fatigue creeps in, they still remain focus until they cross the finish line.

Get a daily plan of action

A plan can be defined as vision written down in black and white. Until a man jots down his vision, dreams and aspiration on paper, it remains a mere dream or vision. We must learn to imbibe the habits of drawing up a daily plan of action. These may include certain task that needs to be accomplished for that particular day. An individual who wakes up each day without a plan is prone to error and failure. The possibility of others incorporating you into their plan becomes real when they discover you don't have any tangible direction in life.

Learn to forgive

As we march towards the path of greatness and success in life, offense will surely come from sources we least expect. The need to forgive can therefore not be compromised. What we lose when we fail to forgive cannot be quantified in monetary terms. The more disposed we are to forgiving ills and wrongs done to us, the more productive we become.

Begin each day with God

Everything we have and would ever become in life is rooted in God. He is the source of every gift, talent, resources and wealth we possess. It is therefore important that one develops the habit of beginning each day with him. This can be through reading his word daily or praying and committing your day unto him. He gives direction and strength to those who depend on him in all they do.

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