Discover Your Core Values before setting your Goals

Most people stumble through their lives without ever really knowing what their own core values were. How stupid is that?

If you do not know what they are then it is impossible to live your life so that it matches your core values and therefore no matter what you achieve you will never be truly satisfied.

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Most people don't like their Boss, are unhappy with their jobs and want to make more money.People think that if they just won the Lottery then all their prayers would be answered. Really. They think it would make everything okay but the truth is otherwise. Winning a lot of money would allow them to quit their jobs and have plenty of money to spend, but this in itself brings along a whole new set of problems.

Money tends to change people for the worse, especially when they haven't had to earn it the hard way. They suddenly think that they are above you and to good to socialize with you anymore. In my day job, helping people plan their affairs in later life, i see greed all of the time and believe me in one thing. Blood may be thicker than water, but not money.

So what are core values?

They are the real feelings you have about good and bad buried deep in your subconscious mind and your heart. What you truly value as being important in what people actually think of you.

How do you go about working out what your own core values are?

Their are generally 4 major areas in your life, Wealth, Health, Social happiness and Self-Improvement. Write these headings down on a blank piece of paper. Then underneath each heading write down things you would like people to say about you.

Under Wealth; e.g. He was worth a fortune or he gave away Millions to charity.

Under Health; e.g. he was the fittest 70 year old i ever knew or he was so toned and looked years younger than his age.

Under Social Happiness; e.g. he was the kindest man i ever knew or he was such an active charity worker.

Under Self-Improvement; e.g. he became an accomplished musician or a master at Yoga.

Then choose the two most important ones in each section and write them down to create your true core values.Once you have worked out your core values then you can determine your goals for achieving your dreams.

Without knowing what these are means most peoples goal setting plans do not include their own core values and tend to focus on one particular thing such as making more money or losing weight. They start out all pumped up and serious about doing these things but after a few weeks their enthusiasm starts to wane and they start and make up everyday excuses on why they can't keep it up. To busy at work, got to pick the kids up etc. Good habits start to fade and bad habits return and before long all is back to the old routines of being unhappy in life. Failure becomes easier than the success desired and therefore becomes the safer option. The subconscious wins again(more on that in another blog).

Working out your true core values is crucial to you achieving long term satisfaction and happiness and is not always measured in just having pots of money. Once discovered, it will be so much easier for you to plot your path and journey in order to reach your final destination. It will not always feel like an uphill struggle and when you get there you can truly enjoy the fruits of your labour without regret.

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