Understanding what alcohol is

Understanding what alcohol is and how it affects us mentally, physically and spiritually is the essential first step to becoming cured of this disease. I believe it is essential to have a belief in something greater than yourself and that is why I bring spirituality into it. I have learned that if you don?t have a spiritual side you will most likely not understand about the necessity of relying on someone or something that has a greater power over us than the power of alcohol.

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Typically alcohol used in connection with a variety of other activities such as gambling, drugs or smoking and the one thing that all these have in common is that they are all addictive. When we become addicted, especially to drugs or alcohol, we fail to recognize how the substance is destroying our life because we are in the middle of the destruction with our eyes closed.

Since I recognize that not everyone is spiritual I will try to present my point of view from a purely intellectual point. Everyone has an inner voice that guides us in our decision making process and it is up to us to listen to the voices that guide us to the right decisions; there is no doubt in my mind that if you believe in something greater than yourself you are a step closer to getting rid of the addictions that are in your life.

There are any number of groups that are available to help you conquer your addictions. If you already have found a support group then congratulations, you are well on your way to living a life free from addiction.

If you are addicted to alcohol and need help quitting then you can count on me as a supporter as well as an entire group of others who have been through what you are going through. Believe in yourself, and if you have faith that there is a superior being, then you can call on that as well. Don?t be afraid to change your life and let others know of your decision but if you want to tackle the problem privately then please know you can count on me, Ed Philips, to help you on the path to understanding what alcohol is and how you can stop the addiction today.

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