The Wind of Change

My name is Ricky and this is my very first post so I will take the time to introduce my self, and let you know a little bit more about myself.

This blog will be the representation of my transition from an "9-5 employee" mindset/lifestyle to an entrepreneurial mindset and lifestyle. Two weeks ago I started an Internet Marketing Master Class with the well respected and successful Internet Marketer, John Thornhill . He is an eBay and Affiliate marketing expert which are two of the most easiest and cheapest ways to start a real online business if done the right way.

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I am not new to the online business world. In fact, I have failed many times trying to find a great online business model in order to escape from the everyday struggle of working for somebody else just to pay the bills. From the dozens of times of me pursuing that dream of freedom, peace of mind and control over my life just ONCE I was successful for a temporary period of time. I was able to make a living selling other people's stuff on eBay at the beginning and then

I started selling a product from a company that I used to work for as an independent sales rep. I partnered with one of my co-workers that had a decent amount of merchandise stuck in his house. I offered him to sell his "stuff" for 50% of the profits, and he agreed. After that we both lived from that for almost a full year. My partner provided the product and i did all the research, marketing, customer service and management on eBay. We we're making approximately $800-$1,000 per week per head! GOOD TIMES!

That was my first time enjoying the benefits of been an entrepreneur, my own boss no schedules! Now that I say that I just remembered that by that time I used to live with my grandmother (I was in college). Funny thing is that she thought I was selling drugs

Especially when I told her that I was making money selling stuff on the internet with my computer from my own bedroom. Unfortunately, it didn't last much longer. After all the merchandise we had in stock was sold out we had no source of income. I tried many other products with no success. The money I made disappeared like water as a proof of my ignorance when in comes to financial education and the skills to find other good deals to profit from at that moment. Basically, I didn't know what to do.

After falling from that nice cloud straight to the ground many things happened. I drop out from college (major in business administration) in my 3rd year because I wanted to focus on what I really loved to do Music. Which I still pursuing in both English and Spanish. You can actually watch some of my Youtube videos:

So I went to a college that specializes in music degrees. I worked part-time in order to pay for my classes, but I lost my job and the college kicked me out because I could not pay for my bachelors degree. So I had to start once again from zero. A few years passed and with it a series of events that made me stronger.

Finally, a year ago I decided to start my bachelors on Entertainment Business this time with even more motivation, hope and determination. Recently, I got suspended because I submitted a paper where I admit the graphics we're a copy of a classmate that already took the class months ago.

( Observation: In school they tell you to do everything alone. If they notice that you are breaking that rule they penalize you. In the real world In order to be successful you need to know how to work in a team, networking, collaborations, etc. You can't do it all alone. You need a team, and often a mentor that can guide you).

The problem is that for me to be able to go back I have to pay an amount of money from my own pockets that I don't have. So basically, I am indefinitely a college drop-out for the 3rd time in my life. These are very personal events that I am sharing with you and you can tell that I am a normal person that have done mistakes in the past like many other people.

Now, going back to John Thornhill's Master Class. I decided to join the master class, because I knew inside of me that in order to change my circumstances I needed to change my actions. I have never had a mentor, and in 2011 I decided to change that. Since I started two weeks ago major changes are starting to happen. On the 1st week a small but powerful book that John recommended me changed all my perspective of life in such an amazing way that every morning when I wake up think of ways to apply the laws inside the small sheets of The Go-Giver .

The master class has a duration of 36 weeks where I will be building my online business from scratch with the help of John, and many other successful members of the master class. In fact, In the 2nd week (current week), I met one of John Thornhill's most successful students Stuart Turnbull .

This gentleman is one of the most humble, willing to help and successful people I have ever met. Yesterday, at 5am he dedicated 1 hour of his time to give me advicefor FREE! And he can easily charge hundreds of dollars if not thousands per hour if he wanted. Instead, he understands and applies the power of GIVING. And he also told me to just contact him if I needed any help.

You know what was the best thing of all HE NEVER TRIED TO SELL ME ANYTHING! Now my friends that is a true Internet Marketer. He understands the value of building a relationship first.

I will be posting blogs and videos letting you know about my progress, and how you can do it as well. The transition from my actual 9-5 job creating my own successful online business and quitting my job all in 2011.

Thank you for taking of your time to read my crazy long first post. Feel free to post any comments or questions you might have. I am available to help the best I can, and i am open to receive all the knowledge you might want to share in here. God Bless.

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