Sonya Sethi-Rankin
Registered Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy in Hamilton


Addiction and Mental Health effects both the individual and family.

Over 27 years of current and integrative experience will support you or your loved ones with the impact of addiction or mental health.


Relationships can be difficult to manage and are stuck in unhealthy cycles. Enhancement of communication skills, exploring why and how you may push each other apart and supportive understanding of each other, can create healthier relationships and assist you to step out of these cycles. Healing Matters Psychotherapy is a poly friendly service.


Are you ready to make changes?

Often, individuals seek therapy because they have specific issues to address, or wish to experience personal growth, however may be unsure of what to focus on, or how. We are more successful in creating changes when we have support.


Grief has no rules, and no timelines, effecting emotions, behaviours, thoughts and our bodies. Grief can contribute to individuals feeling stuck and not knowing how manage intense emotional pain. Healing Matters Psychotherapy and Wellness will support you in your individualized experience of grief and loss.


Trauma impacts individuals emotionally, mentally, physically and psychologically. This can overwhelm one’s ability to cope and have long lasting effects.

Healing Matters Psychotherapy uses evidence based techniques and therapeutic modalities to support individuals and and families in an a safe, trauma informed space.


Healing Matters Psychotherapy and Wellness is a safe and inclusive space.

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Sonya Sethi-Rankin has been working in the Mental Health and Addiction field with both non profit and private agencies for the pat 27 years.

Many of the individuals she works with are seeking clarity, or feeling overwhelmed trying to work through difficult situations. Through mutual respect and willingness to engage in personal growth, Sonya supports individuals, families and couples to make sense of what is occurring in their life and experience changes they have been hoping for.

Her practice encompasses an experiential therapy, encouraging each individual’s natural movement towards change. In understanding yourself, you can work towards your own personal development and increased self awareness.

Sonya incorporates a variety of therapeutic modalities, providing a therapeutic engagement that is authentic and respects who you are as an individual. In a compassionate environment, you can become aware of what is blocking you from healing, growth or satisfaction in your life.

Area’s of integrative experience are: Relationships (open and closed), Addiction, Grief and Loss, Mental Health, Trauma, Personal Growth and 1st/2nd Generations.

Healing Matters Psychotherapy and Wellness is a safe and inclusive space.

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